Planet Yeguas, Steiner Front, Clan Occupation Zone

March 2, 3061

Even as The Templars Mercenary Regiment wraps up it's contract with Clan Nova Cat and Departs for the Free Worlds League, unit coffers continue to swell with tribute income from the merchant houses of the planet Yeguas.

According to the statement of a senior officer in the famous merc regiment, Richi Blood, the payments will continue even though The Templars are no longer directly occupying the planet.

"Well, those rich Steiner Merchant bastards weren't in much of a negotiating position once we took their Capitol, you see? Besides, good businessmen know to honor a contract. And it they don't... well, they know The Templars will be back!" 

The Templars Mercenary Regiment Claims Two Worlds for Clan Nova Cat!

Comstar News Network, January 22, 3060

Reports have come in indicating that Clan Nova Cat forces, led by The Templars Mercenary Regiment, have claimed two worlds. Fort Loudon has been wrested away from the Rassalhauge Free Republic and Roadside has been siezed from the Lyran Commonwealth.

When asked to comment about these developments, Lord Marshal Spartakys of The Templars just replied "Wouains pi?" shrugged, and walked away from our reporter.

More to come!


CT Sparty SLV "Wouains pi?" i/e: "so what" I sincerely thought these were training grounds &a...
Tangent253 SLVII Well done!!

Comstar News Network, January 19, 3060

Reports indicate that The Templars Mercenary Unit has entered extended service with Clan Nova Cat. At the time of this report Templar dropships have been spotted lifting from aerospace ports around the Inner Sphere, linking up with Jumpships headed to battlefronts designated by their new Liege.


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