Comstar News Network, January 19, 3060

Reports indicate that The Templars Mercenary Unit has entered extended service with Clan Nova Cat. At the time of this report Templar dropships have been spotted lifting from aerospace ports around the Inner Sphere, linking up with Jumpships headed to battlefronts designated by their new Liege.


NoctisDeathwing SLII I think I get off at 6 that day if I'm thinking out my schedule in the right order, so I'm totally down to joi...

As of April 17th solaris patch, PGI will be ending MWO support for 32-bit systems. This means you may not be able to run MWO after this patch if you use a 32-bit windows program. I'm posting this to give everyone with a 32-bit system time to upgrade to 64-bit or to find another alternitive so you can continue to play MWO. Full details of the additions to the patch can be found on the MWO home page under the road map update.

What PGI said:

Removal of 32-bit support
As of the April 17th patch, MechWarrior Online will no longer support 32-bit systems.
The MechWarrior Online client and its features have for some time now been hitting the limits of performance and stability under 32-bit systems when it comes to memory. Last year, we updated the Minimum System Requirements listed on the client download page and on Steam to reflect a suggested minimum of 4GB of RAM.
With the release of the new Bolt-On system in our April/Solaris 7 patch and the addition of three new Decal slots (increasing the number of Decal slots from 6 to 9), coupled with decreasing or altogether absent levels support for 32-bit systems by the Windows OS and the various hardware manufacturers, we have opted to end 32-bit support with the release of the April patch.
grothlamarath SLVI lol I think I may be running a 32 bit!
Xannatharr SLV Good looking out Patriots, hopefully we don't have too many guys running the 32-bit client.