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The Templars  -  MechWarrior Online gaming community
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Who are The Templars? We're one of the oldest MechWarrior teams you're likely to run across. Our roots go back to Netmech in leagues like The Registry, TKZ and Grand Council, all played on Kali. We were one of the most successful Mercenary Companies in those days, and we are coming back together to reach for new heights in MechWarrior Online.

We believe that any group is only healthy when it is bringing in new blood, and here we are, looking for . . . well, you. We would love to bring you on board to join in the fun, make new friends and have new adventures together. We hope MechWarrior Online will be bigger and better than Netmech ever was, and would love for you to be a part of it with us.

We're here to play the game, have fun and achieve the level of accomplishment that our group has enjoyed previously, boasting a 90% success rate at our pinnacle in TKZ. So, if you're the kind of person that thrives on gossiping about recent people parting the group or who calls who what, then we're not for you.

The Templars are a multi time zone community, with players from around the world. While our strongest presence currently resides in what is considered the North American time zones, we have leadership and pilots from many nations who call The Templars home. We are an English speaking group, and while we have absolutely nothing against those who don't speak that language, you would be at an extreme disadvantage here without it since very few of us are blessed with a multilingual education.

If being a part of that type of Mercenary Corporation sounds interesting to you, please visit our website and say hello. There is information on joining in our public forums, and reading the post Joining The Templars will give you a better idea of what we're looking for in potential new members.

Thanks for your time.
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